DISNEYLAND Tickets: Choose Parkhopper or One-Park-per-Day  

Ages 10+
Ages 3-9
2 Day ParkHopper Ticket*
$ 210
$ 197
2 Day One Park per Day
$ 175
$ 162
3 Day ParkHopper Ticket
$260 $242 SPECIAL
$ 242
3 Day One Park per Day
$ 225
$ 209
TIP: Going to Disneyland for 3 days? Check out the CityPASS. It includes a 3-day Parkhopper plus 1-day tickets to Universal Studios and SeaWorld! ....................xx.................$ 328 Ages 10+ ...........$ 284 child
4 Day ParkHopper Ticket
$285 $260 SPECIAL
$265 $244 SPECIAL
4 Day One Park per Day
$ 250
$ 230
5 Day ParkHopper Ticket
$300 $285 SPECIAL
$279 $265 SPECIAL
5 Day One Park per Day
$ 265
$ 244
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What's a "Park Hopper"?
Disneyland? Resort Park Hopper? Bonus Tickets let you "hop" back and forth between Disneyland? Park and Disney's California Adventure? Park. That's 2 parks for the price of 1!

What's the difference between a "Park Hopper" and a "One Park per Day Ticket"?

  • Parkhoppers let you visit both Disneyland and California Adventure on the same day. You can go back and forth as much as you want.
  • With the One Park per Day tickets, you visit one of those parks one day, the other park the next day, and so on. You'll save about $15/ticket.

What's a "Bonus" Ticket?
All tickets listed above (except the 2-Day tickets) include a bonus: one Magic Morning early entry. This means you can enter Disneyland? Park 1 hour before the park opens to the general public. Check your ticket to see which days this is available.

Note: Magic Morning early entries are not available on 2-Day Parkhoppers.

What kind of discount is available?
By buying in advance, you'll save up to $20/ticket.

Once I've begun my Disneyland visit, how long do I have to use my tickets?
All tickets expire 13 days after first use. 

Got More Questions?
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